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     When we get the green light to hold events, we as an industry have to decide which events go when.  There will likely be a slow period while fans observe events before deciding to attend themselves.  Demand has to build at a measured pace and organically.  It would be a disaster to reschedule a Motley Crue stadium event and only have 500 people show up.  Similarly, we can't simultaneously resume every sport which has been dark for the past year.  There isn't enough demand out there to sell all the tickets.


     All of us know, from hard won experience, that the laws of supply and demand are immutable.  Tickets sell when people are afraid they'll miss out.  Tickets don't sell when there's unlimited supply.  We professionals working in this industry have to set a protocol for the pace at which we schedule new dates for postponed events and how far into the future we sell new tours. 


    How, when and which are the questions leading us out of darkness. Our answers will set the tone over the next several years for the success or failure of live ticketed events.


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