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This is the first time in modern history when every artist, team, theater company, venue and ticketing company has time to improve the fan experience.  Seize it.  Here are some ideas to explore:

     How do we develop more permanent relationships with consumers? 

     Can we make ticket buying more like Amazon one click?

     What can we learn from airline frequent flyer programs?

     Is there a better way to sell tickets than Google or Facebook ads?

     Can we improve season ticket or subscription models?

     Should tickets be sold like limited edition clothing or sneakers?

     How do we build ticket bundles or merchandise packages?

     What can we learn from Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok? 

     Does resale improve sell through because it allows flexibility?

     How do we drive purchase urgency in a down economy?


The world has changed substantially because of personal technology.  We need to rethink the ways we market to and interact with consumers.

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